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Afternoon Club - Outsourcing Contract Perfection

Wednesday 13th May 2015 Eversheds, 70 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5ES

Getting your outsourcing contract right is vital to a successful outsourcing deal and lowering the risk of conflicts between your partners.

Buyers only forum

Tuesday 19th May 2015 Central London

The "Buyers Forum" is a round table event discussing outsourcing problems from the buyer community. Share your issues, hear from your peers and learn how other buyers are working to solve some of these common issues.

NOA's Professional Awards

Thursday 21st May 2015 Emirates Stadium, Home of Arsenal FC, London

The Professional Awards exist to recognise the individuals, teams and companies who do their utmost to make outsourcing work, and celebrate their talents. The shortlist spans a wide variety of functions and industry sectors, but all those included have on

NOA Symposium 2015

Wednesday 24th June 2015 etc. venues St Pauls, London

The Symposium is the largest annual conference in the NOA calendar attracting more than 250 sourcing professionals.

Foundations of Outsourcing - The Outsourcing Life Cycle

Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Central London

The NOA Foundations of Outsourcing programme is a series of workshops for outsourcing professionals to develop their knowledge, understanding and management of outsourcing. The first module in our autumn intake is the Outsourcing Lifecycle.